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About Us

We are here to support happy, thriving community workplaces.


NHV Assist was launched in 2020 to provide a specialised HR and IR support service for community-based organisations including neighbourhood houses, community centres, adult community education providers and early childhood providers.

Based in Victoria, Australia, we provide a range of services as part of an annual subscription for organisations. These services include access to recruitment support, mediation, an employee assistance program, legal advice, contract development support, pay tables and so much more.

We are here to provide a friendly, personalised service that understands the needs of smaller, community-based organisations. If you want to find out more about how we can support your organisation, please get in contact.


Legal structure and Purpose

NHV Assist Limited is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee owned

beneficially by Neighbourhood Houses Victoria Incorporated.

NHV Assist Limited has been established to provide direct and facilitated access to specialist services, including Human Resources, that requires specialist knowledge and appropriate insurance, including Professional Indemnity Insurance, for the provision of those services. NHV Assist Limited is also a registered charity with the specific purpose of supporting the effectiveness of charities and not for profit organisations that advance social or public welfare and other purposes beneficial to the Australian public.

Our purposes include:


  1. The provision of cost effective administrative management and industrial relations services to improve access to professional services for not for profit organisations and community groups.

  2. Provide subscribing not for profit and charitable organisations with relevant legislative change information that could impact the way service areas, such as employment services, are managed.


The administrative and human resources services offered by NHV Assist Limited are of a specialist nature and not within the core functions or purposes of Neighbourhood Houses Victoria Incorporated. Instead NHV Assist Limited is a separate opt in service for organisations that seek a professional service in administration and/or human resources. The Constitution of NHV Assist Limited can be viewed on the Australian Charities and Non-for-profits Commission website.

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Some services provided through the NHV Assist Limited subscription may include access to a service provided by a licensed, registered and insured specialist service provider. These services include Employee Assistance Program (EAP), industrial relations, critical response management, mediation and legal support.

Our service providers include Salt Legal and Support Pathways.


At the point an organisation accesses these services, NHV Assist Limited will only be provided with billing information and your personal information and particulars of your matter will remain between you and the specialist provider.

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