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Employee Assistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a mental health and wellbeing service which provides employees with access to qualified psychologists and counsellors. It is designed to provide short-term counselling to support an employee's wellbeing in the workplace and in their personal lives.



How can organisations sign up for NHV Assist's EAP?

1. Opting-in for EAP when you sign up for an annual NHV Assist subscription.
This will heavily subsidise the cost of EAP and will entitle each of your employees three one-hour counselling sessions for the year.

2. Signing up for the EAP as a stand-alone service.

If your organisation is not interested in an NHV Assist subscription, but would still like to offer its employees EAP, this is available as an option. For costings, see the pricing page.

Who can access EAP?

The NHV Assist EAP service is available to employees of organisations who have signed up for one of the above arrangements.

How is the counselling provided? 

Counselling is provided over the phone at an arranged time during business days. Phone counselling means support is able to be provided faster, saving time and travel costs for employees, and making it accessible to employees in regional and rural areas. 

How many phone sessions are provided?

If your organisation has an NHV Assist subscription, each employee can access up to three one-hour sessions across the subscription year. 

Is it confidential?

EAP is strictly confidential. Your identity and any information obtained by the counsellor will not be provided to your employer, family or friends as they are bound by the Privacy Act. The only time a counsellor is bound to pass on information is if your file is subpoenaed, a criminal offence is disclosed, a child is at risk or you express an intention to harm yourself or another person. Data will be collected in relation to the number of sessions provided per employee for financial reporting purposes, however the identity of the service user is kept anonymous at all times. 


How do I know I need to access EAP?

Often people struggle to resolve issues on their own as they do not feel their concerns are valid to raise with a counsellor or that the issue will go away with time. Our counsellors will help reassure you and support you that your concern is valid and assist you to take the steps to work through your problem.

What if I require extra support?

In circumstances where employees are facing difficult life situations, and support is needed outside the EAP, the employee will be referred to their GP for support and potential access to a Mental Health Wellbeing Plan.

How can I access the EAP?

To arrange an EAP appointment, please fill in the enquiry form and a counsellor will be in touch within 48 hours.


Arrange an EAP appointment

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