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Tips for Success:
Interviews and on-boarding


Once your ad goes live on the job board, allocate times for your potential interviews with your panel.


Initial interview

Interview questions should stem from discussing the requirements of the role and how the candidate's previous experience aligns with the requirements. Interviews don’t have to always be formal, as it is hard to often get an insight into a person in a formal setting, but having a clear set of questions including discussions about past behaviour and how results are measured will be beneficial.

Second interview

Second interviews are often a step that gets skipped in the recruitment process but is valuable to the end result.  They give the candidate the opportunity to clarify any questions that are raised, an opportunity for more in-depth discussion to occur and the potential employee to be introduced to other staff.


Reference checks

Once the interviews have occurred it is extremely important to do reference checks. Reference checks need to be done with a professional referee, either a supervisor or a manager from a previous role, and could also include a voluntary position if they are re-joining the workforce.


It is vital during the reference check that dates, tasks and responsibilities are rechecked to ensure the correct information has been given throughout the process. Also ask the referee their opinion on the suitability of the employee for the proposed role and whether they would employ the candidate again.

Making an offer

Finally, when making an offer, send out a separate welcome letter, employment contract and the position description in your employment pack.


In the welcome letter you can set expectations of the first day, week or month and also ensure that both the employment contract and position description are signed.

Please let the NHV Assist team know if you need help with any steps in this process on

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