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An annual subscription with NHV Assist provides you with access to the following services:

Recruitment and



Finding the right person for your role is the crucial and often difficult step in the human resources life cycle. NHV Assist is here to support organisations through the recruitment process, providing assistance with advertising, screening candidates, interviews, reference checks and employment process.

HR Case Management and Contract Support


Smaller community organisations often do not have access to workplace specialists to support the preparation of employment contracts or provide guidance and support of human resources. NHV Assist subscribers will receive help with templates for the on-boarding process including employment contracts for full time, part time, casual and contract employees. We will also assist with guidance of HR processes, policies and procedures including support for performance management.

Employee Assistance Program


NHV Assist understands the importance of supporting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of an employee. Our Employee Assistance Program is an on-demand phone-based counselling service which provides each employee up to three one-hour long conversations with a trained counsellor. It is completely confidential, allowing employees to seek advice and work through potential strategies to assist in both their professional and personal lives.



When conflict occurs within an organisation your NHV Assist subscription allows for you to access a mediator to help identify the issues, assess the options and negotiate a resolution. The focus of mediation is a solution that suits everyone and the process is managed by an unbiased and independent third-party who meets both individually and together to work towards a positive outcome.



Support for managers to work out pay levels and allowances with up to date and accurate pay tables across agreements and awards.

Legal advice and support for IR matters


Getting access to experienced legal support from an employment law team is vital. Whether an issue has escalated, or strategic legal advice is required on customised documentation your NHV subscription will allow you that support on a fee for service model.

Locum Manager


We place experienced interim managers in Neighbourhood Houses, giving Houses looking to recruit a new manager, more time to find a perfect fit for their organisation or giving an existing manager peace of mind when going on leave.  The person is employed by us, which means your organisation pays a flat rate and doesn’t have to worry about super, long service leave provision etc.

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