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Here is what some of our happy clients have said:

NHV Assist provided fantastic help when we were going through a restructure. It was great to be able to call on their expertise.

Rebecca Smith

Kensington Neighbourhood House

I started as new manager in the NH sector just over 12 months ago and so was very much in the learning the business stage. I was looking for HR advice and support specific to the NH business. Sonya has been great, always available and happy to chat through any support issues I have needed along the way. Sonya has also provided me with a variety of useful job descriptions templates and mentored me in the process of performance reviews. If you are looking for a good Employment Assistance Program (EAP), NH Assist can help you.

Joe Cassar

Sussex Neighbourhood House Inc

NHV assist - testimonials.png

We have been a member of NHV Assist since its inception. After a difficult 2022 for my staff, we joined the Employee Assistance Program. Over the past 3 years, I have used the service on several occasions, including improving my position descriptions, and for general HR and legal advice. Whilst I have some HR experience and knowledge, to have someone who understands our sector on call is invaluable. Sonya is always happy to help me work through my questions, especially around the EBA and other Fairwork changes. I would highly recommend NHV Assist to other NH Managers.

Vicki Coltman

Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre

As a new organisation, we have been so grateful for the support and advice of NHV Assist when creating employment contracts, position descriptions, navigating the NHACE agreements and pay tables, and making changes to staff roles and responsibilities. Investing in this service has certainly been worthwhile for our small Neighbourhood House.

Sarah Greenswood-Smith

Ballarat East Neighbourhood House


Thank you so much - the information and direction you provided was extremely helpful and we will be able to adapt this very quickly and easily into our current processes. It is so reassuring, managing a complex Community House, that we are doing okay!

Tracey Burt

Caulfield South Community House

Lee made contact with me when I was knee deep in recruiting 3 new staff members. She must have known that I was about to throw the towel in! Within a day I had 3 new contracts emailed to me, what a relief to know they were done, and all boxes checked. Having the support of NHVic means I don’t have to spend hours on getting HR paperwork right and can focus on servicing my community. Thanks so much Lee.

Vicki Harrison

Seville Community House


Being a new Manager working in the community and the Neighbourhood Houses Sector when I engaged in a partnership with NHV Assist I felt a sigh of relief in my workload. They were very helpful, resourceful, professional and supported me through the challenging times. I am very grateful for their professional and supportive services. I couldn't recommend a better HR service.

Merina Ashdown

Dandenong Community & Learning Centre

Mary has been an inspiration for Queenscliff from the beginning. We engaged the services of a Locum Manager for the house, to give us an opportunity to rebuild and find the right fit to take the organisation forward. 12 months later, we have a vibrant centre providing a place for the community to connect and thrive. We have a constitution that is compliant with the Charities Act, a dynamic Committee and a new Co-ordinator who is coming into her own.

 Mary has also guided us with the development of our strategic plan and we look forward to seeing the centre go from strength to strength.

Sharon Smith

Queenscliff Neighbourhood House

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