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Here is what some of our happy clients have said:

"As a new organisation, we have been so grateful for the support and advice of NHV Assist when creating employment contracts, position descriptions, navigating the NHACE agreements and pay tables, and making changes to staff roles and responsibilities. Investing in this service has certinly been worthwhile for our small Neighbourhood House."

Sarah Greenswood-Smith, Ballarat East Neighbourhood House

"Thank you so much - the information and direction you provided was extremely helpful and we will be able to adapt this very quickly and easily into our current processes. It is so reassuring, managing a complex Community House, that we are doing ok!”
Tracey Burt, Caulfield South Community House
"NHV Assist provided fantastic help when we were going through a restructure. It was great to be able to call on their expertise."
Rebecca Smith, Kensington Neighbourhood House
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