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Locum Manager 

Locum Management Service

In 2022, we launched our locum management service, placing experienced interim managers in Neighbourhood Houses, giving Houses looking to recruit a new manager, more time to find a perfect fit for their organisation or giving an existing manager peace of mind when going on leave. The person is employed by us, which means your organisation pays a flat rate and doesn’t have to worry about super, long service leave provision etc.

We have successfully placed locum managers in multiple Neighbourhood and Community, Houses and Centres (NCHC) across 7 LGAs, with more placements already booked for the next financial year. Whether it is the reactivation of a centre that has been closed for a period of time, turning it into a vibrant hub for its multicultural community, or providing Neighbourhood House Management and Board support, including analysis of existing processes, programs, and methodologies with a view to effectively improve operations, each placement is unique and aligns with the needs of the individual organisation.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Neighbourhood House Management and Board support, including analysis of existing processes, programs, offerings and methodologies with a view to effectively improving and maintaining operations

Ensuring appropriate staffing and financial management of the Neighbourhood House

Working with the Board in the development and implementation of compliance documentation including, but not limited to, Policies, Strategic Plan, Risk Management Plan, Child Safe Standards and other compliance plans/documents as necessary

Mentoring of existing staff to ensure their roles are aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation


Working with the Board to identify community needs

Recruitment and mentoring of a new Centre Manager if required

Get in contact with our team to learn more and sign up for the service 

Here's what houses have to say:

Mary has been an inspiration for Queenscliff from the beginning. We engaged the services of a Locum Manager for the house, to give us an opportunity to rebuild and find the right fit to take the organisation forward. 12 months later, we have a vibrant centre providing a place for the community to connect and thrive. We have a constitution that is compliant with the Charities Act, a dynamic Committee and a new Co-ordinator who is coming into her own.

 Mary has also guided us with the development of our strategic plan and we look forward to seeing the centre go from strength to strength.

Sharon Smith

Queenscliff Neighbourhood House

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